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Facts About Italian Food

Part 2


1.   On the first day of the new year, Italians traditionally eat lentils as they are considered to bring good fortune during the next twelve months.  Lentils are called le lenticchie in Italian.

They are associated with prosperity and wealth because they look like small coins.

fritelle 3.JPG

2.   The period before Lent is called il Carnevale and throughout Italy it is a time of merry-making, parades, fancy dress and masks.  Venice (Venezia) is the most famous place for Carnevale activities. 

A traditional Italian food in Italy during Carnevale is le frittelle.  These are pan-fried fritters and they can be prepared in a spiral shape.  

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  3.   On Good Friday (il Venerdì Santo) it is the Italian tradition to eat fish and NOT to eat any meat.  On Easter Day (la Domenica di Pasqua) it is the Italian tradition to eat lamb - l'agnello.  

  There is an Easter sponge cake called la colomba, meaning 'the dove.'  It is shaped like an open-winged dove and is decorated with almonds and sugar strands.  The dove is a symbol of peace.