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In 1992, Euroclub Schools was established by Deborah Soggiu and a team of language teachers to provide French, Spanish and Italian lessons and workshops in UK schools.  

In 2007, the Euroclub Schools Website was launched to provide information about France, Spain and Italy.  The web pages contain facts, language exercises, music, quizzes, recipes and related worksheets.  The material is designed ideally for desktop viewing in the classroom.  It is updated continually.

Our web pages belong to the following URLs:- (the principal website)  (the Italian Kitchen) (the Quiz Zone) (more quizzes and facts pages)

Additional URLs that redirect to our pages:

The content of our web pages is written by Deborah Soggiu.   If you wish to contact the author, please use the contact form.

title of the combined URLs is the Euroclub Schools Website. 

The main URL is as this is the gateway to all areas (since 2018).  The old gateway (http) was and this URL is still available as a route that redirects to the new pages.

In order to navigate between the various zones, you will require access to all the above-mentioned URLs.

Please contact us if you have problems in viewing or accessing any of the pages. 


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Euroclub Schools is registered with PPL as a music publisher.   Our educational tracks are
embedded on our web pages via SoundCloud.  They were composed and produced by Euroclub Schools.  

You may link to this website, provided that it is for educational purposes and strictly non-commercial purposes only.

Owing to the nature of this website, there are many quotations and references made to famous works, places and people.  The copyright of the quotations and works belongs to their Creators.

The clip art on this website is provided by Wix and Focus Multimedia by licence agreement.  


The images on this website are provided by Euroclub Schools, Wix, Shutterstock, Unsplash and Wikimedia Commons.  

Euroclub Schools holds a PRS / PPL Limited Online Exploitation Licence. The music contained on this website is for educational purposes and non-commercial purposes only.   

The videos on this website are hosted on You Tube. They have been selected and embedded on the Euroclub Schools Website for educational purposes and non-commercial purposes only. 

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A small selection of digital resources are available to purchase in our online shop.  Payments are made via PayPal or Stripe.  We do not receive the purchaser's card details.  


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This privacy policy was created on 1 December 2018.



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