by Claudia, age: 12 years
In Italy, there is a fun period known as il Carnevale.  It is a time when people dress up in fancy costumes and there are street parades and parties.  Tutti si divertono! - Everyone has a great time!
Il Carnevale is the period just before
la Quaresima - Lent. 
The final day of Carnevale is il Martedì Grasso - Shrove Tuesday.

During il Carnevale it is the tradition to eat le frittelle.  These are long, thin fritters and they taste a bit like doughnuts.  Mia nonna (my grandma) makes fantastic frittelle.   In the days of Carnevale, everyone goes to her house because they know that there will be a continuous supply of frittelle deliziose. 
I always watch mia nonna when she makes le frittelle.  It is amazing to see how she pours the liquid mixture through a funnel into a frying pan and then winds it round and round into a spiral-shaped fritter. 

The bigger the frying pan
(la padella) the bigger the fritter! 
fritelle 2.JPG
fritelle 3.JPG
Normally, when the fritter is cooked, she sprinkles it with lo zucchero - sugar - and cuts the big spiral shape into pieces.  Mia nonna calls the whole fritter una ruota, meaning 'a wheel.' 

The children in my family prefer to have a whole 'wheel' to themselves!  We carry
le nostre ruote -
our wheels - around, and try to eat them without any pieces breaking.
Another type of fritter that is prepared during Carnevale is called le chiacchiere - meaning 'the pieces of gossip'.  These fritters are dusted in lo zucchero a velo - icing sugar. 
sanguinaccio dolce.jpg
A traditional dessert for il Carnevale is il sanguinaccio dolce.   It is a creamy chocolate pudding that was originally prepared with pig's blood!  The word sangue - blood - is hidden in the word sangu