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Facts About Italian Food

Part 1

1.  Food is a very important topic in Italy!

There is a well-known Italian saying - 'l'appetito vien' mangiando.'  This literally means: appetite comes by eating.   In other words, even if you aren't feeling hungry, just by eating something tasty your appetite will increase and you will want to eat!


2.  In Italy, the main meal of the day is at lunchtime.  The word for 'the lunch ' is il pranzo.  On the table there will be il pane - bread, l'acqua - water, il vino - wine.

An Italian meal begins with l'antipasto: this is a selection of appetisers available on the table whilst you wait for the food to arrive, such as olives, cheese and salami, followed by -
il primo piatto (the first course) which is pasta or minestrone, then -
il secondo piatto (the main course) which can include carne (meat) or pesce (fish) with insalata (salad) or verdure (vegetables).

Next, there is la frutta (fruit) and / or  un dolce (a dessert).

Finally there is espresso coffee and perhaps un liquore - a liqueur.