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Le Superstizioni Italiane

(buona fortuna = good luck       sfortuna = bad luck)



Italians are superstitious and they share some of the well-known beliefs such as:
a.   Do not open an umbrella indoors.  
b.  To break a mirror will bring seven years of bad luck.
c.   Do not walk under a ladder.

But there are some Italian superstitions........  

1.   In addition to the number 13,  in Italy the number 17 is considered unlucky.  If given the choice, Italians will avoid having a room number, ticket, etc. with the number 17 on it.  This belief originates from Ancient Rome and the Latin word VIXI, meaning 'I lived'.  In modern Italian - vissi. 

In Roman numerals the number 17 is XVII and they are contained in the word VIXI.   That is to say, these numerals are associated with the meaning ' I have already lived' and 'I am no longer living'.  

In Italy, Friday 17th. (il venerdì 17) is the most feared date.


2.   It is considered lucky to eat lentils and to wear the colour red on the first day of the new year.  This will bring good fortune during the next twelve months.