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Interesting Facts About Spain

Part 2      Facts 21 - 40

21.  One of the most important foods in Spain is rice - el arroz.  Rice is cultivated in Spain.

It is the main ingredient of la paella which is one of the most famous, traditional dishes of Spain.  La paella originates from the area of Valencia and it is cooked in a very big pan called la paellera.    It is often prepared outside in the open air during Spanish picnics and day trips.

La paella is a mixture of rice, meat, seafood and vegetables.


Saffron - el azafrán -  is a spice that is often used in Spanish cookery.  It has a strong yellow dye and that is why the rice of la paella is yellow! 

Another commonly-used spice in Spain is paprika - el pimentón.  It gives the food a red or orange colour.


Potato omelette - la tortilla de patatas -  is a well-known Spanish dish.  It is also called la tortilla española - the Spanish omelette.   It is thick, served cold and cut into triangular slices like a cake.