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Interesting Facts About Spain
Part 3

Facts 41 - 55

41.   A very important and great part of Spanish history began in the year 711.  This is the year when the Moors - los moros  (from North Africa) began their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.  

This historic event is known as the Moorish Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.    In Spanish, it is called la Conquista Musulmana de la Península Ibérica. 

The Moors ruled in Spain (and Portugal) for around 780 years.   It was a long period of great culture when education, arts, architecture and science flourished.  Many wonderful, Arabic buildings still stand, especially in southern Spain.

However, there was a gradual reversal of the situation, known as la Reconquista Española  - the Reconquest - and it ended in 1492.

The last city to remain under Moorish rule was Granada.  It was changed to Spanish rule in 1492.  The Spanish monarchs at this time were King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.  In Spanish, their names are el Rey Fernando de Castilla y la Reina Isabel de Aragón.  They were also known as the Catholic Kings - los Reyes Católicos.