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La Fontana di Trevi

The Trevi Fountain - la Fontana di Trevi - is a very famous fountain in Rome, designed by the Italian architect Nicola Salvi.  It is over 26 metres high and almost 50 metres wide, making it the largest fountain in Rome.  
Trevi fountain at sunrise, Rome, Italy.
The fountain was completed in the year 1762.  Its designer, Nicola Salvi, died before its completion.  The work was finished by Giuseppe Pannini. 

The fountain stands in front of a building called
il Palazzo Poli in a square called la Piazza di Trevi in a region of Rome called Trevi. 

The name Trevi originates from the words tre vie meaning 'three roads'.  

The water of the fountain comes from a restored ancient Roman aqueduct that was called Aqua Virgo.  This water was traditionally considered good for health and people would drink from the fountain.   Nowadays, the water in the fountain is not drinkable as it is recycled.

The aqueduct is also known as l'Acquedotto dell' Acqua Vergine.
Trevi Fountain.jpg
The theme of the fountain is 'the sea.'

A statue of Oceanus stands in the centre.  In Italian he is called Oceano.  His chariot is being pulled by two sea horses.  One horse is wild and the other is tame, representing how the sea can change from calm to rough.

Each horse is guided by the statue of a sea god known as a triton.

There are two statues on each side of Oceanus.  One represents 'abundance' and the other represents 'health'.
The Trevi Fountain has been used in scenes of famous films such as - la Dolce Vita, directed by Federico Fellini,  Three Coins in the Fountain and Roman Holiday.

When visiting the Trevi Fountain, the tradition is to turn your back to it, close your eyes and throw a coin over your left shoulder (using your right hand) into the water.  It is believed that this will bring you the good fortune to return to Rome one day!

If you decide to throw a second coin into the fountain, this will bring you the good fortune to fall in love with someone! 
 Amore mio!
 Ti amo!
If you decide to throw a third coin into the fountain, this will bring you the good fortune of getting married! 
 Vorresti sposarmi?
How many coins (monetine) - will you decide to throw into the Trevi Fountain?  Una, due o tre?

It is estimated that around three thousand euros are collected each day from the fountain.  This money is donated to the Italian charity called Caritas.
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