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Pieds et Paquets
Sheep's feet and stuffed parcels made from the lining of a sheep's stomach.

Pieds_&_Paquets (2).JPG

Pieds et paquets means 'feet and parcels'.  It is a traditional dish in the south of France and is originally from Marseille

The feet in the recipe are from sheep or lambs.   The parcels are made by: 
1.  Cutting a sheep's stomach lining into small squares.
2.   Placing a filling of chopped pork belly, garlic and parsley in the centre of each square.
3.   Enveloping the filling by creating a little 'parcel'.  A picture of some filled parcels prior to cooking is seen below.


The sheep's feet and the parcels are cooked together in a pan with wine, herbs and tomatoes. 

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