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Le Carnaval et le Mardi Gras
by Delphine, age: 12 years
J'adore le Carnaval!
In France, le Carnaval is a fun period that takes place just before le Carême - Lent. 

It is a time when
on se déguise - people wear fancy dress costumes - and there are parades, street parties and lots to eat before the fasting period of Lent.

The final day of le Carnaval is known as 
le Mardi Gras - Shrove Tuesday.

There are popular carnivals that take place in many French towns but the biggest and most famous one is in
Nice on la Côte d'Azur.  It lasts for two weeks, finishing on le Mardi Gras.   

Le Carnaval de Nice has a different theme each year.  The theme always involves a king - un roi and every year le roi is the king of something different.  In 2020, the theme was le Roi de la Mode - the King of Fashion.  In 2021 the carnival did not take place due to the pandemic.  The theme for 2022 was le Roi des Animaux - the King of the Animals.  This year, 2023, we have le Roi des Trésors du Monde - the King of the World's Treasures.


The king of the carnival is referred to as Sa Majesté Carnaval.  He is a giant figure who takes part in the parades - les corsi.  He is transported on le char royal - the royal float.   

roi du cinema euroclub schools.png

Photo: le Roi du Cinéma - 2019.

Some previous kings were......
Roi de la musique.jpg
Le Roi de la Musique - 2015
Roi du sport.jpg
Le Roi du Sport - 2012
Roi de la Med.jpg
Le Roi de la Méditerranée - 2011
Roi planete bleue.jpg
In addition to the all-important figure of 'the king', le Carnaval de Nice is well-known for:

les corsi - the parades, les corsi illuminés - the illuminated night time parades, les chars - the floats,