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Coppa di Testa
An Italian sausage made from a pig's head.

La coppa di testa is a type of sausage traditionally produced in Italy.  It is made with a pig's whole head, but excluding the brain and the eyes.

To make it, the ingredients are:-

a pig's head (with bones, brain and eyes removed)
garlic and herbs
salt and pepper
a small cup of white wine 
a very large pan of water

coppa di testa.jpg

The pig's head is gently boiled in the pan of water with the other ingredients for about eight hours. The liquid in the pan turns into a broth (un brodo).

The cooked head is rolled and tied into a kind of sausage, then placed in a dish with the broth and further cooked in the oven. 

When it has been removed from the oven and has finally cooled, it will be ready to slice for sandwiches, etc.



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