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La Carne di Struzzo
Ostrich Meat

The ostrich - lo struzzo - is a food in Italy.  There are lots of Italian ostrich farms.
It is the largest bird on Planet Earth.  Just like other poultry, it can be served as a grilled fillet, a roast dinner or a stew.  It is even found in Italian baby food!   It is a red meat.

omog struzzo.jpg

Ostrich eggs are also eaten in Italy.  They are called le uova di struzzo.  An ostrich egg is the largest egg of any bird on the planet.  One ostrich egg is about the same size as 25 hen's eggs.  Le uova di struzzo are used to make omelette - la frittata.  In fact, just one egg would be enough to make an omelette for lots of people!


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