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La Fressure de Cabri 
Pan-cooked stew of a goat's internal parts.


La fressure is a mixture of the least expensive parts of an animal, such as heart, lungs, pancreas, etc.  The animal could be a pig, lamb, cow or goat.  La fressure de cabri is a version using goat and is a traditional food on the French island of Corsica.    

The heart, lungs, liver and pancreas, etc. of a young goat are cooked with wine, vegetables and herbs in a pan, just like a stew.

If you love eating la fressure, then perhaps you should visit one of the French festivals dedicated to this food.  Each year, there is la Fête de la Fressure in the towns of Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu, Réaumur and Le-May-sur-Èvre.   

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