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La Cocina Española
Part 1


Spanish Food Facts

1.   In Spain, the main meal of the day is la comida / el almuerzo in the early afternoon.  Typically, it consists of el primer plato - the first course, el segundo plato - the second course, el postre - the dessert, el café - the coffee.  On the table there will be el pan - bread, el agua - water and el vino - wine. 

Some vocabulary:
el desayuno - the breakfast
el almuerzo - the lunch / the mid-day meal
la cena - the evening meal
la merienda - the snack
la bebida - the drink
el postre - the dessert
la comida - the food / the lunch / the meal
¡Buen provecho! - Enjoy your meal!

2.   La paella is one of the most famous dishes of Spain.  It originates from the area of Valencia.   The traditional paella from this area is called la paella valenciana.

La paella is prepared in a very big pan called la paellera and it is often cooked outside in the open air during picnics and day trips.  It is a mixture of rice (el arroz), meat such as chicken (el pollo) or rabbit (el conejo), seafood (los mariscos) and vegetables (las verduras). 

The rice of la paella is usually yellow because saffron (el azafrán) is added.  El azafrán is a commonly-used spice in Spanish cookery.  It produces a very strong dye.