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La Brouillade d'Oeufs aux Oursins
Scrambled eggs with sea urchins.


 Les oursins (sea urchins) are those spiky balls that you find on the sea bed or in rocky areas by the sea. 

They have to be cut open with scissors, removing unwanted bits but keeping the red /orange parts.  These parts are known as le corail (the coral) or les langues (the tongues).  Each sea urchin contains five of these parts (les cinq langues). 

oursin ciseaux.png
oursin - sea urchin

Sea urchins can be prepared in different ways.  La brouillade d'œufs is scrambled eggs.  The red/orange parts of the sea urchin can be added to the egg mixture to create a special version.  This is a popular dish on the French island of Corsica - la Corse.

oursins brouillade.png
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