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Bastille Day  by Delphine


Bonjour!  Je m'appelle Delphine. Je suis française et j'ai douze ans. 
Voici ma page de la Fête Nationale. C'est une date très importante.  Pourquoi?  Lisons......

One of the most important dates in France is the 14th July.  In French, this date is le quatorze juillet or la Fête Nationale Française.  In English, it is called Bastille Day.

Why is it called Bastille Day?  Well,  a long time ago, there was a prison in Paris called Bastille Saint-Antoine


Every year, on le 14 juillet (the 14th July) France celebrates the moment when the unhappy people of Paris broke into the prison and set the prisoners free. 

This historic event is called 'the storming of the Bastille' and in French it is known as la prise de la Bastille. 

It happened on 14 July, 1789.  It was the beginning of what became known as The French Revolution, or in French:-  la Révolution française.

What happened? 
On that day, the unhappy people of Paris invaded the building and released the prisoners.  Then, they seized the weapons stored inside the prison.