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Tartarumba:  A song about a turtle who loves to dance la rumba.

Il Rompigatto:  A song about an annoying cat!

La Tarantola:  A song about the species of spider called the tarantula!

Il Cuoco Pasticcione:  A song about a terrible chef!

Come i pesci, gli elefanti e le tigri - Just Like Fish, Elephants and Tigers

Messer Galileo - a song about the great astronomer and physicist, Galileo Galilei

Lo Scriverò nel Vento (I will write it in the wind) - a song about friendship and world peace.

Zecchino d'Oro

This is a famous Italian song competition for children.  It has existed for over sixty years!  Its name means 'Golden Sequin'.  The choir that sings is called il Coro dell'Antoniano.   Here are just a few videos of songs from over the years.

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