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Le Pont du Gard is a very famous construction in the Occitanie region of southern France. 

It is a small part of a very long aqueduct (about 50 km long) that crosses the river called le Gard (also known as le Gardon) so that at that part it looks like a bridge on three levels crossing the river. 

It was built by the ancient Romans around two thousand years ago. Its purpose was to transport water along a 50 km journey from the area of springs called Fontaine d'Eure to a big well in the Roman town of Nîmes.



Le Pont du Gard
Part of an ancient Roman aqueduct that looks like a bridge.

The well is called le castellum and its ruins can be seen in Nîmes.  It is a round reservoir measuring almost 6 metres in diameter and 1.40 metres deep.

The well was created by carving it out of the surrounding rock.  Lead pipes carried the water to different areas of the city.  It is great engineering from 2000 years ago!


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