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Wrapped Candy

Les Papillotes de Noël

Wrapped Candy
Wrapped Candy
Wrapped Candy

Les Papillotes de Noël are traditional, foil-wrapped Christmas chocolates.

They began in the city of Lyon in 1790 at la chocolaterie of Monsieur Papillot. 

The chocolate-maker had a niece who lived above the shop.  A young apprentice who was employed by Monsieur Papillot fell in love with her.   

Pencil and notepad

Tu es belle.  Je t'aime.


The young man invented a clever way of sending secret love messages to his employer's niece.
He would wrap a chocolate inside a piece of paper on which his message was written.  Then he would send it to her.   When she unwrapped the chocolate, she would find the secret words hidden inside!


Monsieur Papillot noticed that chocolates were mysteriously disappearing so he began to investigate.   

Someone must be stealing!  

C'est bizarre!  Mes chocolats ont disparu! 

Soon, Monsieur Papillot discovered what the love-struck worker was doing but, instead of being angry, he decided it was an excellent idea that could be copied!   

So, he began to create chocolates that were wrapped in paper with a wise message hidden inside (such as a proverb) for his customers to read.   It was an entertaining and exciting addition to his delicious chocolates!

Ever since, when you unwrap une papillote,  you will find a proverb or a quotation printed on the inside of the wrapper.