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Claudia, The Opera Critic
age: 12 years


La Donna È Mobile  Women Are Fickle
Sung by the tenor, Luciano Pavarotti

This aria is from the opera Rigoletto by composer Giuseppe Verdi. 
It was first shown at La Fenice opera house in Venice in 1851.

Rigoletto is a court jester.  The opera is named after him.  Rigoletto's job is to make everyone laugh at the court of il Duca di Mantova - the Duke of Mantua 

The Duke is selfish and thinks that he can do and have anything that he wants!  He also thinks that it is very easy to make all women fall in love with him, including Rigoletto's daughter!  He is just so vain.

The Duke sings this aria to express his opinion that females are unreliable and false!


 La donna è mobile    Women are fickle
Qual piuma al vento   Like a feather in the wind
Muta d'accento e di pensier'.    Always changing what they say and think.

The Opinion of Claudia:

I think this tenor sounds as if he is having a great time.  The music has a dancing and waltzing rhythm and the tenor's voice is strong and loud, showing that he is confident and arrogant.

I have to say that, because I am a girl, this aria makes me feel annoyed and insulted!  How dare the Duke think that females are unreliable and false!  I would like to teach him a lesson!

The tenor performs the rôle of the Duke very convincingly.  For that reason, I would definitely call out Bravo! and even Bravissimo! after his performance. 

I like the way he sings the high notes in a very long and powerful way.  Che voce fantastica!  What a fantastic voice!

I also think that the orchestra accompanies him very well - as if they are performing together as partners.  For that reason,  I would make sure that the orchestra knows how impressed I am.  At the very end of the opera, I would stand up and shout Bravi! and even Bravissimi! to all the musicians and the conductor when it is their turn to bow. 

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