Le Meduse
An Invasion of Italian Jellyfish
Una Storia Vera -  A True Story, by Claudia


It was a beautiful August day.  Era una bellissima giornata d'agosto.

It was Sunday - era domenica -  so everyone was going to the beach. 

'Andiamo tutti al mare!'

We decided to go to a place called Le Croci, near to Alghero.  It is a rocky place with high cliffs and you can only reach it by boat.


'Io sono fortunata!' pensavo.
  "I'm lucky,"  I kept thinking. 

The sea was crystal clear.  You could see right down to the bottom, as if the water was made of glass.

'Il mare è uno specchio,' diceva mia mamma.
"The sea is as calm as a millpond," my mum kept saying. 

I could hardly wait to dive in.   

'Andiamo!"Let's go!"  I said to my big sister.

We jumped in.  It was a great feeling to be swimming in such clear water.  It was like floating in air.