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Facts About French Food
Part 3


1.  Le bouquet garni is a little bunch of aromatic herbs, tied together with string.  The bouquet is placed in soup, sauce or stew whilst it is cooking so that the herbs' aromas can infiltrate the food.  It is then removed prior to eating.  


Typical herbs in le bouquet garni are: 
le thym - thyme, le laurier - bay leaves, 
le persil - parsley,  la sauge - sage, 
le romarin - rosemary,  la coriandre - coriander

2.    Un canapé is a savoury, bite-size piece of bread, pastry or cracker that is served with a topping.  It belongs to the category hors-d'œuvre - appetiser. 

Les canapés are usually served on a tray as part of a buffet for parties.   An assortment of canapés looks very colourful. 

The word le canapé  actually means 'the couch' in French.  This food item has its name because the topping 'sits' on the base underneath as if it was sitting on a sofa! 


3.    The word biscuit comes from the combination of two French words bis (twice) and cuit (cooked).   Originally,  cookies were baked twice.  First they were baked in the oven and then they were gently baked a second time to make them dry and crunchy.

The same thing can be seen in the Italian word for biscuit: biscotto.
bis (twice) + cotto (cooked).


4.    Le bisque is a creamy soup made from crustaceans - les crustacés.   Various types of bisque are: 
le bisque de homard (lobster), le bisque d'écrevisse (crayfish), le bisque de crabe (crab) and le bisque de crevettes (prawns).