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La Música Flamenca: El Cante, El Baile y El Toque


Flamenco music consists of three parts.

Los tres elementos fundamentales son:
The three parts are:


1el cante: the singing.  This is done in the andaluz style with great emotion.  The singer is called el cantaor or la cantaora.

2el baile: the dancing.  The dancer is known as el bailaor or la bailaora.  Usually the dancer begins in a very still manner: first becoming accustomed to the atmosphere and rhythm of the music then bursting into a dance of drama and passion.  Female dancers traditionally wear a long dress with a long, frilly train called una bata de cola.  Often they will dance with castañuelas in their hands.

3el toque: the playing of music.  This can be by playing la guitarra, clapping palms of hands (las palmas), beating a box-shaped drum (el cajón) and tapping heels (los taconazos.)  A flamenco musician is known as el tocaor or la tocaora.


Below are some examples:

El Toque de la Guitarra Flamenca

Este guitarrista flamenco se llama Vicente Amigo. Es un virtuoso de la guitarra flamenca.  ¡Es maravilloso!  ¡Gracias por tu música, Vicente!

Las Castañuelas

El Toque de la Guitarra

Guitarrista Fenomenal:  John Haddad

El Cante y el Toque

La Cantaora:  Macarena Villar

El Baile

La Bailaora:  Silvia Moreno (5 años)

This video shows a 5 year old girl dancing in the traditional Flamenco style.  Notice how...
* She begins the dance by sitting on a chair.
* She stamps her feet, proudly raises her head and moves her shoulders and arms. 
* She often places her hands on her hips. 
* She uses facial expression.
* She uses her shawl and her skirt.
* She turns around, arches her back and shakes her head.
* There are people singing, clapping, shouting out and playing guitars.
* She is very energetic!  As a result, her hair is neat at the beginning and messy at the end!

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