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Caracoles en Salsa Picante
Snails served in a spicy-hot sauce.

snail photo.jpg

Los caracoles are snails.  First, the snails are cleaned several times by sprinkling them with salt, then rinsing them in water.  This removes the snails' slime, known as la baba del caracol.

caracoles lavar.png

Next, the snails are boiled in a pan of water.  Finally, they are mixed with a spicy tomato sauce containing olive oil, garlic, chopped onions, tomatoes, bay leaves, chilli pepper, wine and herbs.

caracoles en salsa.png

When eating the snails, they can be pulled out of their shells by using either a cocktail stick (un palillo) or a special, little fork called un tenedor para caracoles.

Snail on fork.png


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