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A traditional sausage filled with intestine of pig.

L'andouillette is a traditional French sausage.  It belongs to the category la charcuterie.  It is made from long strips of pig's intestine with seasoning.  The strips are bundled together then put into a casing.  

Andouillette 1.png
andouillete 3.png

The sausages are cooked for many hours.  Then, they can be served as you prefer: in jelly, grilled, in a sauce, at a barbecue, served with fries or salad, etc  

Andouillette 4.png

L'andouillette is well-known for its distinctive, unpleasant smell!  If you wish to eat this delicacy, make sure that it has been officially graded with the letters AAAAA .  These five letters indicate that it is the best quality.  The letters stand for Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillette Authentique (the Friendly Association for Lovers of Authentic Andouillette).

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